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****Please DO NOT ATTEND the surgery under any circumstances if you have a fever or a new continuous cough or loss of taste or smell****

Ordering Christmas Medication

If you normally order your medication between the 18th and 28th of the month, please order by 17th December.
This will ensure the practice and your nominated pharmacy have time to process your request before the Christmas closure period.
We will not be supplying 2 months of medication at once, so please do not request this.
We are only closed for 3 days over Christmas and New Year. Stockpiling creates shortages for other patients and waste if medication or dosages are changed.
Thank you

Clinical Research

For patients over 18 years of age and under 60 years of age.

If you are in a public-facing role, but not a carer, who believes that your job or living situation puts you at increased risk of exposure to Covid-19, and are interested in participating in the trial of a new vaccine please email this address:

Please give your full name, date of birth, occupation and contact number

We cannot guarantee that everyone who would like to participate will be invited onto the trial.

Armed Forces Friendly Accredited GP Practice

We have been awarded the RCGP accreditation and can proudly say we are an Armed Forces Veteran Friendly Practice.

More information can be found in the link at the bottom of the homepage. 

If any of our patients have ever served in the UK armed forces please let our admin team know so we can note this on your medical record.

Veteran Friendly Accreditation Certificate

We extremely proud to have been recognised and awarded the RCGP Active Practice Charter 

For more information please see the Active Practice link in 'Further Information'

During these difficult times it's more important than ever that healthcare staff and patients are being as active as possible to support both their physical and mental health.

Waiting for a Hospital Procedure or Treatment?

The current wait times for treatment are available by clicking the link below. Wait times start as soon as the hospital have received a referral from your GP.

Help find Treatments For Covid-19 

Principle is a nationwide clinical study from the University of Oxford to find Covid-19 treatments for the over 50s that can be taken at home.

Principle are recruiting though their website or speak to a GP

Autumn Newsletter 

- Please click on the link above 

Dr Beckett - retirement

We are sad to announce that Dr Rob Beckett retires from the Practice on Friday 9th October.

The partners and staff will greatly miss his kindness and dedication to The Penryn Surgery and we are very appreciative of his hard work over the years.

We send our good wishes for the happiest of retirements and hope he enjoys a less busy life.

50-64 year olds flu vaccinations - Bookings Are Live

We are now able to accept booking for flu jabs for patients in this age group. 

Please call reception on 01326 372502 option 1 after 9am Monday to Friday, to book for our clinics. These will only be held at Penryn Surgery and will take place during the evenings and at weekends over the coming weeks.


University Students

Taking regular medication? Asthma inhalers? The contraceptive pill? Insulin?
If you are coming to uni for the first time or have been prescribed new medication over the summer you will need tell Penryn Surgery so we can keep prescribing it for you....
Call reception on 01326 372502 option 1 to book a call back with the clinical pharmacist.
If you don't tell the clinical pharmacist which medication you take in advance, you won't be able to re-order it on-line when you get low!

Mawnan Smith Surgery Re-opening

On Monday 7th September, Mawnan Smith Surgery will reopen again for its patients.
At the moment, we will have GP telephone consultation appointments available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Nurse appointments are available again on Tuesday and Thursday.
Please phone Mawnan after 8.30 on 01326 250861 to book a call back

Prescription Ordering by Phone 

From tomorrow (Tuesday 11th August) we will no longer be accepting prescription requests over the telephone.
Please request your prescription, as before, via your nominated pharmacy, online, or by posting your repeat counterfoil in the post box at our surgery sites.

Flu Season

We are planning for this winter's flu vaccinations and expect clinics to be very different this year.
We will have more information in September on how we can safely and effectively administer vaccines to eligible patients.
Our phone lines are very busy as patients catch up with their healthcare checks and clinics that we had to postpone during lockdown so please don't call us to ask about flu jabs at this time.
We will post further updates as soon as we know more.

Face Masks and Face Mask Exemptions

In settings where face coverings are mandated in England, there are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, whereby people are not expected to wear face coverings in these settings.
Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances noting that some people are less able to wear face coverings.

Patients have to self-declare they are exempt from wearing face masks during the COVID19 Pandemic.


Printable exemption cards can be found on the website:

On holiday in Cornwall?

Forgot your medication?

Pharmacists can arrange an emergency supply of medicines if you forget to renew your prescription or bring your medication on holiday, even if you don’t live in Cornwall.
You can also order a prescription online (to be sent to a local pharmacy)
Need to see a GP?
If you're on holiday in Cornwall and need to see a doctor, please contact your own GP practice. Practices up and down the country are offering video appointments which mean we can see patients safely and quickly during the pandemic.
There’s a new system in Cornwall if you need urgent – but not emergency – care. Just contact NHS 111 by phone or online at any time of day or night, to find out where you should go and when.
If needed, expert clinicians will arrange for you to be seen at the emergency department (ED) or at our range of other treatment units.
Please don’t just turn up, as you may be directed elsewhere or have to wait longer.
And if you’re a visitor to Cornwall, you don’t need to look up details of NHS services if you need urgent treatment – just phone 111 or go online at

Face Covering

We are asking that every patient and visitor to the practice who is entering the building wears a face covering.

Wearing a face covering helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus from anyone who is infected but isn’t yet showing symptoms.

This face covering could be a scarf, bandana or homemade mask. Ideally, we are asking that a surgical mask should not be used as it is important that these remain available for frontline NHS and Care staff.

Evidence suggests wearing a face covering does not protect you, but may protect others if you are infected with coronavirus.

If you do have symptoms of coronavirus (a cough, high temperature and / or loss of taste / smell) then you and your household should isolate at home. Wearing a face covering does not change this.

Coronavirus spreads via respiratory droplets between people in close quarters. Droplets fly from our mouths and noses when we breathe, talk or sneeze. Other people can then breathe these in. Face coverings can help stop droplets from leaving your mouth or nose and someone else breathing them in.

Wearing a face covering is a very simple way in which we can we can make a contribution to reducing the spread of coronavirus. This seemingly small action can make a big difference to our local community.

Domestic Abuse

The Home Office is running a domestic abuse campaign, raising awareness of the support and advice currently available

**Coronavirus - an important message to our patients**

The current Coronavirus Pandemic is causing significant challenges to our surgery, we are taking multiple steps to minimise risk to our patients and keep the surgery running. 

During this busy time, please think carefully before contacting the surgery by telephone.

Please note the following points that will help us cope in the weeks ahead:

- We would  urge all patients to think carefully before requesting a GP appointment, especially for more minor ailments, or non-urgent matters. Consider using the 111 Online service instead. Please use this in preference to calling 111.

- We ask patients not to physically attend the surgery unless instructed to do so, or to collect medications  - in order to protect others.

- We would also urge patients not to order extra medication, or order earlier than usual, as this will create shortages in medications for others. 

- Patients who are unable to order their medication on-line may call their own surgery site to request medication. Please try to order 1 months medication at a time to avoid extra work for our dispensers and repeated phone calls/deliveries.

- Patients considered most vulnerable - known as 'At High Risk' or 'Shielded' patients will have been contacted by letter advising them to isolate for 12 weeks. These patients were identified nationally, not by Penryn Surgery. As of 17th April some additional patients will have been told by letter they need to shield, and others will have been told they no longer need to shield.  Please do not contact the surgery to enquire about your status. Please see the Q&A below for a more detailed explanation of this process.

- A lower risk group than those above, known as 'At Risk', are those patients who are usually offered their flu vaccinations each year. These patients ARE NOT being sent a letter, but should take social distancing precautions are per the government guidelines found here:

- we have postponed the majority of routine annual checks, our reception team will be contacting those patients affected individually. In addition the majority of routine work (e.g. ear syringing) has been postponed.

- we have ensured continued access to a GP, this will be initially via a telephone call. Online booking has been suspended.

- Routine referrals to secondary care are on hold throughout Cornwall until mid-June. Urgent and suspected cancer referrals are however still operating as usual. Please still contact the surgery if you are concerned about an urgent health issue or are concerned you have symptoms of cancer.

- Isolation notes

 for patients self-isolating for up to 14 days can be obtained here  ISOLATION NOTE  - please do not contact the surgery for these.

Thank you all for your support during these challenging times.

Shielding Q&A

I was sent a letter in either late March or early April telling me to 'shield' for 12 weeks? - these patients were identified nationally by NHS England based on national or hospital electronic records. You should follow the advice in the letter unless told otherwise in a more recent letter

I have been sent a letter from Penryn surgery dated 17th April telling me I no longer need to 'shield'?  - Penryn Surgery were asked to review all patients who had received a shielding letter from NHS England. The criteria for who needs to shield has evolved, or some patients were identified in error initially. Those patients who no longer need to shield have been sent a letter stating this, with guidance of what they should be doing instead. This decision was made by your registered GP who has reviewed your full medical notes individually.

I think I am high-risk and should be shielding, but haven't received a letter? - There is often confusion between those 'At Risk' and those 'At Highest Risk' (Shielded). As a rule of thumb if you are offered a flu jab each year you are 'At Risk' but don't need to shield unless you have been sent a letter. Only those people who receive a letter telling them to 'Shield' are in the highest-risk group which is very specific groups of patients (e.g. Transplant patients)

I have registered on the website as I think I am 'clinically extremely vulnerable' or 'shielded'? - By 20th April Penryn Surgery should be made aware of everyone who has registered themselves on this website and will review their notes individually to clarify if they meet the 'shielding' criteria. If they do, they will receive a letter asking them to shield (unless they have already been sent one). If you therefore do not receive a 'Shielding letter' you are not eligible for the support described on the website. 

I am still unsure who needs to shield? - the following is a simplified list of who should shield, these patients will have received/will receive letters telling them to shield.

  1. Solid organ transplant recipients.

  2. People with specific cancers:
    • people with cancer who are undergoing active chemotherapy
    • people with lung cancer who are undergoing radical radiotherapy
    • people with cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of treatment
    • people having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer
    • people having other targeted cancer treatments which can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors
    • people who have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months, or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs
  3. People with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary (COPD). *'Severe' is defined by a very specific combinations of medications, not how bad you may feel your condition is.

  4. People with rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), homozygous sickle cell).

  5. People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection.

  6. Women who are pregnant with significant heart disease, congenital or acquired.

I have received a letter telling me to shield, but I don't think I should be? - Letters from Penryn surgery were posted 17th April to those patients who received a shielding letter incorrectly, telling them they DO NOT need to shield themselves. If you didn't receive one of these letters and still feel you shouldn't be shielding please contact the surgery.

I have read this Q&A and STILL think I should be shielding but haven't received a letter? - The vast majority of patients will have been notified by week commencing 20th April. If you still feel you've been missed despite meeting the criteria listed above please contact the surgery.

The latest government advice for patients on Coronavirus can be found in the link below which is updated daily:

B12 Patient Information 

During the Coronavirus crisis we are reviewing our B12 protocol - if you normally receive B12 injections, we have attached below our updated information.

B12 patient info

Caring for Cornwall

Caring for Cornwall

Green Impact for Health

We are delighted to be taking part in the Green Impact for Health Scheme and are working towards our first accreditation in June. 

Sustainable Healthcare is the concept of providing healthcare in a way that is beneficial to patients without harming the planet. Green Impact for Health provides guidance about the small changes that will improve quality, save money and improve the environmental sustainability of your practice.

Complete The Cycle Scheme

73 million respiratory inhalers are prescribed every year in the UK1 and not disposing of them correctly can be harmful to our environment. Our inhaler recycling and recovery scheme, Complete the Cycle, is the first of its kind for respiratory inhalers in the UK.

Please return any used inhalers to any of our dispensaries or pharmacies for recycling.

Changes to prescribing of over-the-counter medicines

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines for a range of minor health concerns.
A very thoughtful visit ...

from one of our patients this lunchtime who wanted to thank all the staff for their kindness and high standard of care.
He presented us with a beautiful plaque and plant which we will be displaying in our main waiting room for patients to enjoy.

Pt presentation

Flu Clinics - 2019/20

We are currently sending out letters and emails regarding our 'Flu Clinics for 2019/20.  If you are eligible, you will receive communication about this.

The clinics will run in Penryn on Saturday 12th October and Saturday 23rd November once we have received our allocated vaccine supply from the Government's chosen manufacturers. There will be extra clinics later in the year for any patients who are unable to come on those dates and Hendras Pharmacies in Penryn will also be receiving stock in the coming months.

If you would like to book an appointment for a 'Flu vaccine, please contact the surgery from 4th September on 01326 372502

Starting University  - If you are coming to Cornwall to study at either The University of Exeter or Falmouth University

We are the only local surgery who have a GP clinic at the Student Health Centre on Penryn Campus daily during term time from Monday - Friday. You will need to register with Penryn Surgery to be able to have an appointment with the Doctor. We also have a large, modern medical centre in the centre of Penryn town, just 15 minutes walk from the campus. When you come to register at University on 13th - 15th September we will have a team of people right there who will help you register with the Practice. We will also book your first appointment if you take regular medication.When you come to register with us you will have your new accommodation address and we will need that along with your contact details and the name of the UK surgery you are currently registered with (unless you are coming from overseas). We have an active Facebook page for student health matters - @penryncampushealth

Try the new NHS App

If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or

tablet. You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP medical record

and more. If you already use SystmOnline you can continue to use it. You can use the NHS App as well.

For more information go to

Social Prescribing

Penryn Surgery is now able to offer Social Prescribing.

So what exactly is ‘Social Prescribing?'

Social prescribing is a way of linking primary care patients to sources of appropriate, non-clinical support in the community. Improving your lifestyle can be very challenging and people often feel daunted at the prospect of change and not sure where to start. Social prescribing can help empower you and give you the confidence and support necessary to make and sustain a change.

There is a fantastic range of activities and organisations in the local community and social prescribing is all about linking you to these opportunities with the aim of improving your health and wellbeing.

If you would like to be referred to the Health and Wellbeing Coach in Penryn, please phone 01326 372502 and speak to one of our receptionists who will arrange that with you.

There is no need to speak to a GP to take advantage of this great service. Eligibility criteria apply.

Visitors to the area

If you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one, you can receive emergency treatment from a local GP practice for 14 days.

You can register temporarily with a local GP if you're ill or need medical advice while you're away from home – for example, if you're working, studying or on holiday. Your temporary GP will pass details of any treatment you have to your permanent GP, who will add the information to your medical records.

To register as a temporary resident with a GP, please contact the local surgery that covers the area you are staying in.

Please note: Our clinicians will need to know about any medication you are taking or any allergies you have.  Please make sure you have these details before your appointment, please contact your own GP if necessary.

Forgotten/Lost Medication

All our local pharmacies can receive prescriptions electronically.
If you have either forgotten your medication or lost it, your own GP surgery can send the prescription via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) to a local pharmacy of your choice. Please call your GP surgery and request your medication to be sent electronically to a local pharmacy, you will need to give them the name and postcode of the pharmacy you wish to collect from (see list below)
This is the quickest way for you to receive your medication.

Do you look after someone?

If you haven’t already let us know that you’re a carer, ask reception for a carers information pack so that we can make a note of it on your medical records.

Once we have your details, with your permission, we can also refer you to your local carers service for information, advice and support.

If you or the person you care for is urgently in need of support, please ask us to refer you to social services or call them directly without delay.

- Improving Access to General Practice

We are participating in a national directive to offer evening and weekend appointments to make it easier for patients to see a healthcare professional at a time more convenient to them. 

Kernow Health are delivering this service across the local area so you may not see a clinician from this practice. All clinicians will be competent to see a range of conditions within the limitations of the summary care record and the pre-set questions. They will not have access to your full notes so appointments are better suited to non complex and single issue problems.

The practice will receive a full summary of your consultation and any actions resulting from it the next morning. This is a 'test and learn' scheme which runs from 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019. 

The hubs where the service is being offered are Falmouth, Truro, Newquay, St Austell, Stratton, Bodmin and Liskeard. The service is available Mon- Fri 18.30-20.00 for pre-bookable appointments via the practice. Weekend appointments will be arranged and allocated by 111. 

Once the benefits of this service have been assessed it may result in longer opening hours being available on a more permanent basis.

- Dressings

From 1st October we are making changes to the way in which we order and collect dressings. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to store your dressings between appointments.

Please collect your dressings from the Penryn surgery pharmacy or dispensary and bring them with you to each appointment.

- Flu Clinics - 2019/20

We are currently sending out letters and emails regarding our 'Flu Clinics for 2019/20.  If you are eligible, you will receive communication about this.

If you would like to book an appointment for a 'Flu vaccine, please contact the surgery from 04th September on 01326 372502.

Cheque Payments

As of 01st September 2018, we will no-longer be accepting cheques as a method of payment.  We will continue to accept card and cash payments.  (The nearest cash machines are located in Market Street).

- Electronic Prescribing

(ETP - Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions)

Please see the prescription section for information on the above service which is now available at the Surgery.

The surgery does not accept medication requests by phone.

Follow Us On Facebook @Penryn Campus Health for student health information

- Are your contact details up to date?

Please check with reception when you next contact the surgery that we hold your current mobile number and email address on record.
We increasingly use electronic methods to keep in touch with our patients and it is important that we can reach you with test results, messages from your doctor, review appointments as they become due and information about the practice itself.

- Enhanced Data Sharing (eDSM) updated information

Please see our Policies and Confidentiality section for important clarification information, leaflets and posters on data sharing.

- Telephone Consultations 

The practice is able to offer telephone consultation appointments with the doctor in addition to our face-to-face appointments.

Many problems can be dealt with more conveniently over the phone, so to make things easier for our patients, we have introduced the added option of booked telephone appointments.
The Doctors have asked our reception staff to request from patients some indication of the reason for their appointment. This is to ensure that your receive the most appropriate medical care, from the most appropriate health professional.
You may be offered an appointment with our Minor Illness Nurse, Mandy, Clinical Pharmacist, Carla, or one of our Emergency care Practitioners Simon and Emily,  based on the purpose of your appointment.
If you have a telephone appointment the doctor will ring you back at an agreed time so you will know when to expect the call. This saves you waiting for the phone to ring and so far patients have been extremely positive and appreciative of this new service. 

In those instances where the patient and Doctor agree that an appointment is necessary for an examination; one will be made by the Doctor at the end of the call, normally for later that day.

Please be assured that any information given by you is treated with the strictest confidence. If, however, you feel your issue is very private, or you are in a public place you may decline to say and this will be respected.

- Urgent prescription requests

Due to an increasing number of requests for repeat prescriptions to be ordered urgently, priority will only be given to medication which you need within 24 hours to prevent you becoming severely unwell. Emergency medication includes : diabetic medications, inhalers, angina sprays, anaphylaxis pens and epilepsy medication.

If you're given any medication to take home from hospital, you will usually be given enough for the following seven days. A discharge letter will be sent to your GP including information about your medication.

If you need to keep taking your medication, make sure you arrange to get a repeat prescription from your GP before your hospital supply runs out.

Most medications can safely be missed for a few days and you may be advised that your prescription will be issued routinely. Emergency prescription requests are not requests for medication which has been ordered late. We will not issue urgent prescriptions for items that can be bought over the counter.

If the doctor feels your medication cannot be missed, the item will be issued and will be available for collection at Penryn Surgery from 5.30pm.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - PRIVACY NOTICES 

In line with new regulations which come in effect on 25th May 2018, please click on the links below to view our Privacy Notices.  Privacy Notices explain why the Practice collects information about you and how that information may be used.  

Penryn Surgery - Privacy Notice - Direct Care

Penryn Surgery - Privacy Notice For Patients

Penryn Surgery - Privacy Notice - National Screening


Your Data Matters to the NHS

Information about your health and care helps us to improve your individual care, speed up diagnosis, plan your local services and research new treatments.

In May 2018, the strict rules about how this data can and cannot be used were strengthened. The NHS is committed to keeping patient information safe and always being clear about how it is used.

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning.

To find out more visit:

For more information about your data rights please visit the Your Data Matters campaign at

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning.

How your data is used – Your health and care information is used to

  • Improve your individual care.
  • It is also used to help us research new treatments,
  • Decide where to put GP clinics and plan for the number of doctors and nurses in your local hospital.

Wherever possible we try to use

  • Data that does not identify you, but sometimes it is necessary to use your confidential patient information.

What is confidential patient information?

Confidential patient information identifies you and says something about your health, care or treatment. You would expect this information to be kept private.

Information that only identifies you, like your name and address, is not considered confidential patient information and may still be used:

For example,

  • To contact you if your GP practice is merging with another.

Who can use your confidential patient information for research and planning?

  • It is used by the NHS, local authorities,
  • University and hospital researchers, medical colleges and pharmaceutical companies researching new treatments.

Making your data opt-out choice

You can choose to opt out of sharing your confidential patient information for research and planning. There may still be times when your confidential patient information is used: for example:

During an epidemic where there might be a risk to you or to other people’s health. You can also still consent to take part in a specific research project.

Will choosing this opt-out affect your care and treatment?

No, your confidential patient information will still be used for your individual care.

Choosing to opt out will not affect your care and treatment. You will still be invited for screening services, such as screenings for bowel cancer.

What should you do next?

You do not need to do anything if you are happy about how your confidential patient information is used.

If you do not want your confidential patient information to be used for research and planning, you can choose to opt out securely online or through a telephone service.

You can change your choice at any time.

To find out more or to make your choice

or call 0300 303 5678

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