GP Appointments During Covid

During the Covid Pandemic all requests for a GP appointment should be made by telephone to the patient’s normal surgery site:

  • Penryn patients call 01326 372502 option 1 from 08:00 on weekdays
  • Stithians patients call 01209 860170 from 08:30 on weekdays
  • Mawnan Smith patients call 01326 250861 from 08:30 on weekdays

Patients will receive either a morning or afternoon telephone consultation call, on the same day if necessary.

Advance telephone appointments are available to book several weeks in advance if you wish to speak to a particular GP. This can be most helpful for ongoing conditions where continuity is important.

The patient will only be asked to attend the surgery if the doctor feels this would be helpful in diagnosis or treatment.

Face to face appointments will be arranged during the telephone consultation with the doctor. Our reception team are unable to book these.

How you choose to make contact will depend both on the urgency and type of enquiry:

Life threatening emergencies: Call 999 

Learn to spot the signs of stroke and heart attack and always call 999 if you are concerned. Do not book a telephone call back from a GP as this could delay life-saving treatment.

Self care: For information on Covid and all types of symptoms see 111 Online

Pharmacy: Both Hendras pharmacies can advise on a range of minor ailments and may save a call to the Doctor.

Online: At present appointment bookings are only available by phone.

Repeat prescriptions should be ordered via one of the on-line services - SystmOnline, Airmid or the NHS App or by posting a repeat counterfoil to the normal surgery site. We do not accept medication requests by phone.